Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paintball Tournament

Hello Everyone!

Last weekend was a blast, we had a paintball tournament in Brownwood Texas. It was our first non-local tournament, I was lucky enough to share a hotel room with 6 rowdy paintball players! HAHA!

Team Amped (thats us) performed like true professionals. We swept the first rounds with ease! Only 6 teams (out of about 30 or so) won their way into the finals. We breezed into finals. Afterall was over we placed 2nd! Everyone was happy, although 1st place was a measely 30 points away!!! If only we could have gotten one more kill...... But 2nd place felt very victorious. Our team has gone through some adjustments and this was the FIRST tournament all 6 guys have played together. So just imagine what a little more practice could result in! The prize for 2nd was a large trophy, $1000 and a dose of pride! Enjoy the pics


Mike and Mallory

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